H&H Investment and Development is at the heart of our organization.

H&H Investment and Development

H&H Investment and Development is at the heart of our organization. H&H offers a unique set of integrated real estate services to its clients while applying intuitive and avant garde concepts that break from normality and deliver projects that leave their mark in the ever growing UAE property market. H&H uses a formula that combines functional business acumen with emotional intuition in order to achieve the best possible results for its clients and make a difference when compared against the traditional real estate service providers.

H&H offers a complete development management range of services, starting from the financial due diligence of an investment where all financial and technical parameters are assessed before the client takes a decision to proceed. Once this has been achieved, we move on to the design of the project coupling our extensive experience and expertise with renowned architectural design and engineering offices, depending on the project complexity and type.

Having a solid grasp of the local planning requirements, we adjust the design in order to comply with local building codes and then following rigorous design reviews to ensure that all designs have been coordinated and contain complete information, we take project to tender. Following award, we supervise the works on site by applying thorough, an hands on project management techniques to safeguard the quality and timely completion of the project, always taking into consideration the project’s financial constraints.

H&H has the sophistication and flexibility to create value across multiple asset classes and marketplaces and is not limited by specific investment criteria, but motivated instead by solid market fundamentals and value generation.


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